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Logo design is a specialty. Ron is the author of Logos and Marks, and has over 25 years experience creating hundreds of logos for clients ranging from public companies including The Ensign Group and Paradigm Wireless to private companies such as Continuing Life and Aspen Healthcare.  


Ron Hoopes is a Branding/Marketing expert and Creative Director in advertising and design with excellent creative conceptual skills. He thrives in the challenge of concepting memorable, clever and interesting ads for broadcast, print and online advertising. His experience includes: directed TV commercials; conceptualized and developed direct mail; hired and led full marketing/ad team; led creative for Super Bowl TV spots; developed strategic marketing plans; designed, concepted and developed many consumer and B2B Web sites. He is the author of “Logos and Marks.”



Logo is short for logotype. It is a uniquely designed or lettered word. It often includes a word and a mark.


To distinguish between the logotype and the symbol that often accompanies the type, I use the term mark.


A brand is the way the public perceives a company, product or service. A brand exists in the mind of the consumer.